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What to Expect When Our Office Reopens

In the midst of this great challenge, we are all looking forward to returning to something that resembles the “normalcy” in our lives as it existed before COVID. Stores, salons, clubs, and healthcare providers are beginning to welcome clients back. Previously we were asked by the State of Illinois to limit our operations to emergency care only, preserving precious PPE resources for frontline medical providers and limiting potential person-to-person contacts in an effort to “flatten the curve” of viral spread. Now, we are being given permission to resume care, although there will be some changes. As everyone has had to adjust to life in COVID-World, we too will be adapting the way we deliver care. This is absolutely necessary to provide the high quality care you expect, in the safest manner possible. We will be reaching out to you soon to schedule visits for everyone who was originally appointed from the time our office was idled on 3/16/20, and for everyone anticipating a visit soon. In the meanwhile, look over this article from the American Dental Association explaining how a visit to the dentist might be different…

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